There are many admin and utility pouches on the market, but surprisingly few of them are actually well-thought out. One of those few is the MilSpec Monkey Tac-Organizer that I found recently.

FIRST IMPRESSIONS: Arc'teryx Covert Case C/O

Lately being able to travel with as little as possible has started to interest me more and more. Another aspect of minimalistic travel is finding a bag that fits everything you need but is as compact as possible. Arc'teryx Covert Case C/O is one of those options

FIRST IMPRESSIONS: Templars Gear Magazine Pouches

Templars Gear is a fairly new entrant to the tactical equipment market at least I just heard of them recently. Focused on laser cut tactical gear they produce their equipment in Poland using top of the line components and textiles. My first purchase from them included a couple fast access magazine pouches to place on my belt kit. This post covers my impressions on them.

FIRST IMPRESSIONS: Tactical Tailor Fight Light Roll Up Dump Pouch

This roll up dump pouch is another recent addition to my updated first line. While it's a pretty simple pouch I wanted to share my initial observations about it.

REVIEW: Blue Force Gear Ten-Speed Magazine Pouches

Blue Force Gear says the Ten-Speed pouches were designed to be the pouch you forget is there. In that specific role it definitely excels. I've been using Ten-Speed pouches for a few years now, in this post I share my thoughts where I think they have the best use.

FIRST IMPRESSIONS: Ferro Concepts The Slingster

Picked up a new sling for my primary. Decided to go with the Ferro Concepts Slingster this time after previously owning the Magpul MS3 sling. This post covers my first impressions on the Slingster.

REVIEW: VPT MS One Chest Rig

Now this is cool, a custom chest rig of our own design. About 10 of these exist, made by VPT in Finland. This post goes into detail why, how and what we built based on our own needs.

FIRST IMPRESSIONS: Frog.Pro Cobra Operator Belt

I have been looking for the perfect gun / first line belt for some time. Being picky about the features I narrowed down my search to few candidates and in the end decided to pick Frog.Pro which was actually a completely unknown brand to me. In this post I'll share my first impressions on their Cobra Operator Belt.

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