erro Concepts created the Slingster to be the most modular rifle sling out there, which is why decided to go with it. After previously owning the Magpul MS3 I've liked my sling to be able to transform from one point to two point depending on the situation.

Why did I go for the Slingster after the MS3? 

To be honest there really wasn't anything wrong with the MS3, I just had sold it forward as I recently took a break from my gear and MILSIM hobby before starting again this year. So as I noticed I needed a new sling I decided to try something new.

My main requirements for the pick were really:

  1. Able to transform to one point if I want it
  2. Light padding, which was something the MS3 lacked) 
  3. Quick-adjustment for transitioning my rifle from securely slung to back in action. (Wasn't completely satisfied with the quick adjustment of the MS3)
  4. Available in Multicam

I haven't had much time to use the Slingster yet, but I want to share first impressions.

Ferro Concepts lists the following features for The Slingester:

  • Can be utilized in one point or two point configurations using the correct hardware
  • Adjustable pad to maximize comfort
  • Removable pad allowing the use of a plain Slingster
  • Open ended design gives user the choice of mounting hardware. (Hardware not included)
  • Custom injection molded Slingster Pull Tab
  • Custom Welded steel common loop

So looking at the feature list it checks off the boxes I was looking for.

Ferro Concepts The Slingster

The Slingster can be put into one point configuration, although note, that it defaults as two point and you need to acquire  hardware for it to work as one point and that hardware doesn't come with the sling.

The adjustable pad is really nice, allowing you to choose the position of the padding on the sling so you can adjust to your comfortability preferences. However it's a little slow to move around as you need to adjust both ends of your sling to do it, but that also guarantees that the padding will stay in the place you want it to. And obviously adjusting the pad's location isn't something that you'd be switching everyday once you find the right position. The padding is not too thick and doesn't create too much bulk around your shoulders / neck as you manoeuvre your rifle.

You can also pick what mounting hardware you want to use so you can go with various QD attachments, loops or even just use the sling's webbing if that's all you got. I decided to go with HK hooks that I attach to an MAGPUL ASAP on rifle lower and MAGPUL RSA on my front rail. Might switch to QD over-time but this works well for now.

Slingster with HK Hooks

The feature I like the most above the MS3 is how Ferro has designed the quick-adjustment. Ferro has their own custom rubberized pull tab which provides great grip for traction with or without gloves. The tab is injection molded from high quality flexible rubber that maintains its position so it's easy to find when you need it. A pull of the tab opens a steel slider it's attached to which releases the quick adjustment. Adjusting is very smooth and you don't need much effort, something that I appreciate as the MS3's quick adjustment was definitely not as smooth.

This sling is my first piece of Ferro Concepts gear and as far as first impressions go I'm definitely impressed and can't wait test it more.

I'll write more about the sling as I've gathered more experience with it.

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Feb 15, 2020

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