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Introducing MIKEREP

MIKEREP is a blog from military and MILSIM enthusiasts about many things related to both. Specifically we'll be covering...Our favorite topics: individual equipment and gear, guns (mostly airsoft), parts & upgrades, tactics and other guides & tips we can come up with. We always write from our own experience regarding each topic. That's also what makes us different...the blog is a team effort and our team here at MIKEREP shares a passion for mil-spec equipment and MILSIM -style airsoft.


Our Experience

We have over 30 years of combined experience in MILSIM. Some of MIKEREP's authors are also active reservists and "real steel" shooters. From time to time we also visit various MILSIM & "Real steel" training events. That said we don't claim to be "operators" but just want to share what we've learnt and keep learning over the years with other like-minded enthusiasts.

Meet Our  Team

Cofounder at MIKEREP, MILSIM & airsoft enthusiast for over 15 years, geardo, multicam addict, shoots "real steel" now and then.
Cofounder at MIKEREP, shooting competitor, reservist & gear designer. MILSIM enthusiast for over 15 years.

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