utility / admin pouch filled with all the essential tools and trinkets can become a real jungle of items. Which is why many equipment manufacturers have models that provide more organizing capabilities and retention for those items.

For example in my utility pouch I usually carry the following equipment:

  • Write-in-the-rain notebook
  • Pen
  • Sharpie
  • Multitool
  • GPS (depending on requirements)
  • Compass
  • Lighter
  • Snacks like beef jerky, energy bars or nuts
  • Paracord
  • One ready-to-eat meal (when required)
  • Small spotting scope
  • Headlamp

Imagine putting all of this to a utility pouch that has no organizing or retention capabilities for individual items. It would be a total mess and a huge challenge to find anything after movement. All these items are also different sizes and shapes so not all pouches usually provide internal pockets or retention that fit all.

The MSM Tac-Organizer is probably one of the best I've ran into in regards to the ability to fit various different items in it.


Inside the pouch you have a few different sized internal pockets, others accept bigger items like a GPS such as eTrex 30 or a small spotting scope, others are smaller and nicely take a multitool, pistol mags or a handheld light for example. You also get an internal sleeve for a notebook or maps. Some other utility pouches sometimes just have one size internal pockets which leaves bigger items just wandering around in the pouch.

I'm really happy with the internals as it fits everything I usually carry in my utility.

It's also worth mentioning that the pouch opens a good amount, but not too much to keep all your stuff safe when opening it in haste or in difficult body position.

Things that Will Fit Easily
In They Go

The external sleeve pocket is all about notebooks, maps or other documents you need to have at your hands reach quickly. I think this sleeve pocket is a great idea as I've tried keeping maps, documents and notebooks in my shoulder pockets or pant's thigh pockets but at least for me having those too on the load bearing equipment makes them easiest and fastest to reach. These are retained by a strap with velcro that secures to the loop-velcro on the outside of the pouch. You can use the same strap to retain trauma shears in the pocket.

Sleeve for Maps & Other Documents

In addition to the sleeve pocket on the outside of the pouch you have two pen holders on both sides of the pocket made out of elastic. To be honest I've never trusted pen holders like this to keep my pens secure during movement so I probably won't end up using these, in my opinion these could've been left off the pouch completely.

The build quality is great as it's made by Tactical Tailor, featuring good zipper pulls and attachment with MALICE clips. The pouch measures 3 x 5 PALS channels.

Zipper Pulls & Pen Holder
Positioning on equipment

Do note that the Tac-Organizer is quite a big pouch. I wouldn't recommend fitting it to your chest-rig bip or plate carriers top part, especially if you're a smaller guy. It will definitely interfere with rifle magazine extraction if above mag pouches. However although the pouch fits quite a bunch of stuff it's still not too bulky depth wise so it can sit quite nicely under your arm for example on the side of your equipment.

Tac Organizer on Chest Right (Left)

That's my first impressions on this pouch.

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Feb 21, 2020

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