TRAINING REPORT: Project Gecko ITCQB 02 with Tactical Academy Finland

Our report from ITCBQ 02 which Project Gecko arranged in collaboration with Tactical Academy Finland very close-by to us. After enjoying 01 course this second level course was a must attend, providing further skill development in PG's CQB methodology. Starting where 01 finished, 02 took things to an advanced level in 4 man teams and entry techniques.

REVIEW: Safariland 6354DO

Finally got myself a SF 6354DO to carry my pistol. It's one of the most popular holsters on the market currently as more and more users are embracing red-dots on their pistols. This is our review, in short, it's great but doesn't come without its own challenges.

REVIEW: Altama Maritime Assault Mid

Maritime Assault Mid, the shoe du'jour - finally got myself a pair and it was time to see what all the hype is about. I wasn't disappointed.

REVIEW: Patagonia Level 9 Combat Shirt "Patagucci"

For the past few months I've been testing the Patagonia Level 9 Combat Shirt and it's now time to give an initial verdict. So Patagucci, what's great and what's not? Believe me mostly it's great but there are a couple small things that could be improved.

REVIEW: Crye Precision WindLiner

Here's our first-ever Crye Precision review surprisingly not about Combat Shirts or Pants but covering their WindLiner, an extremely light and packable jacket that keeps you covered from even strong winds (and bad weather), but being so light you can carry it with you all the time.

REVIEW: Blue Force Gear Ten-Speed Magazine Pouches

Blue Force Gear says the Ten-Speed pouches were designed to be the pouch you forget is there. In that specific role it definitely excels. I've been using Ten-Speed pouches for a few years now, in this post I share my thoughts where I think they have the best use.

REVIEW: VPT MS One Chest Rig

Now this is cool, a custom chest rig of our own design. About 10 of these exist, made by VPT in Finland. This post goes into detail why, how and what we built based on our own needs.

REVIEW: ESSTAC M4 KYWI Triple Wedge Mag Pouch

Looking for the perfect "shingle" M4 Mag Pouch? Look no more.

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