lue Force Gear Ten-Speed pouches are military grade elastic pouches that are designed to be multi-use, they can used to hold magazines and other critical items. The best part being that when they're not in use they'll collapse flat.

According to BFG the need for these pouches came from elite military users who need to operate in planes, subways, trains and buses. In these even tighter spaces bulky pouches can snag or slow the user down.

It's worth mentioning that for these pouches Blue Force Gear developed a completely new technology called Helium Whisper. It's a MOLLE attachment system which combines a single piece back panel design with an extremely light and durable proprietary laminate named ULTRAcomp. The main benefits of the technology are lightness, durability, reduced number of parts, easier production and less potential for manufacturing defects. While Helium Whisper may seem flimsy it exceeds the durability of 1000d Cordura.

TenSpeed Pouches Are Light, Slim And Have Less Bulky Attachments

Ten-Speed pouches will probably always be the lightest pouches you'll ever own.

When Ten-Speed pouches came to market I immediately wanted to give them a try as I saw the potential in them for easily scaling the amount of magazines on me and on my assault pack. I could always have the Ten-Speed pouch on top of my shingle and on the back of my assault pack without adding too much weight, and then could insert the extra mags when I knew I would be out in the field for a longer time. Being multi-use I've also found them useful for stashing magazine sized items such as multitools or for example airsoft grenades when needed.

Ten-Speed Triple on Top of ESSTAC Kywi Triple

I've owned a Ten-Speed Single M4 Mag Pouch, Double M4 Mag Pouch and Triple M4 Mag Pouch and have been very satisfied with them. In the beginning me and my team mates had concerns that maybe the material would wear out very quickly but that hasn't been the case, at least not in a functional sense. Some parts of the pouches have frayed a little but nothing has broken down thus far.

However at least the Multicam versions are very quick to fade their colors. To me it seemed like after the pouches got wet a couple times and then having spent a small amount of time prone crawling was enough to fade the colors off my Ten-Speed Triple M4 Mag Pouch which had been sitting on top of my ESSTAC KYWI Triple M4 Wedge.  

Faded But Still Performing

Talking about retention, the pouches hold magazines firmly and the ULTRAcomp material provides nice grip to the side of the magazine while it's wrapped by the elastic front part of the pouch. Drawing a magazine out of a Ten-Speed pouch is a breeze, and you'll definitely appreciate that the pouch sort of "disappears" thus reducing bulk on your load out.

One thing to keep in mind about mag retention with these pouches is their elastic nature, which means that for example in situations when you're crawling in prone, should your magazine get caught on something there's a possibility that the pouch will flex, give away and you'll lose a magazine. This has happened to me. So I wouldn't consider them as first choice mag pouch if you're mainly working in woodland terrain. They're definitely more meant for urban setting where there's less stuff to catch your equipment on.

Anyhow, if you haven't tried Ten-Speed pouches yet I'd highly recommend you to do so, they're solid magazine pouches, unlike anything else on the market and their multi-use character makes them really useful for many different situations.

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Feb 16, 2020

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