REVIEW: Altama Maritime Assault Mid

Maritime Assault Mid, the shoe du'jour - finally got myself a pair and it was time to see what all the hype is about. I wasn't disappointed.

REVIEW: Patagonia Level 9 Combat Shirt "Patagucci"

For the past few months I've been testing the Patagonia Level 9 Combat Shirt and it's now time to give an initial verdict. So Patagucci, what's great and what's not? Believe me mostly it's great but there are a couple small things that could be improved.

REVIEW: Crye Precision WindLiner

Here's our first-ever Crye Precision review surprisingly not about Combat Shirts or Pants but covering their WindLiner, an extremely light and packable jacket that keeps you covered from even strong winds (and bad weather), but being so light you can carry it with you all the time.

FIRST IMPRESSIONS: Frog.Pro Cobra Operator Belt

I have been looking for the perfect gun / first line belt for some time. Being picky about the features I narrowed down my search to few candidates and in the end decided to pick Frog.Pro which was actually a completely unknown brand to me. In this post I'll share my first impressions on their Cobra Operator Belt.

REVIEW: Mechanix Wear M-Pact Multicam

Gloves are an essential part of anybody's kit when the going gets rough, unless you have Teflon coating on your palms. Mechanix Wear ( has long been a popular glove for both military professionals and airsofters. Especially the Original and M-Pact models in their selection.

REVIEW: Oakley Flak Jacket

First impressions of Oakley Flak Jacket's.

REVIEW: Carinthia MIG Jacket

Carinthia ( has long been the go-to brand for high quality military and professional outdoor sleeping bags and their bags are in use in many European armies. Carinthia is a trademark of Goldeck Textil ( which is an Austrian company founded in 1948. Nowadays Carinthia also makes insulation garments and rain gear for military and outdoor use. MIG stands for Medium Insulation Garment and is the second level of four level insulation garment system (LIG, MIG, HIG, ECIG). Comfort temperature for MIG is -15┬░C.

REVIEW: Beyond S6 Rain Pant

When the rain starts pouring down you need good rain gear to keep you dry. Water and windproof but yet breathable Gore-Tex and other ePTFE membranes have long been the number one solution for this job. Beyond Clothing ( is an American company that has been making high-end cold weather clothes for a long time for outdoor and military purposes. In 2007 Beyond was announced as the official manufacturer of custom PCU cold weather layering system and is now producing all 7 layers of clothing. S6 Rain Pant belongs to their Standard Issue line which is a commercial variant of the PCU system.

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