he Original and M-Pact are great value for money compared to some other tactical gloves on the market. That's something a hard-user can appreciate, understanding that gloves are a disposable part of the kit, meant to go through wear and tear. Especially the Mechanix Original glove at around 30‚ā¨ in Europe ( 25$ in the US) is hard to beat for value and function & fit. Recently Mechanix came out with a long awaited Multicam version of this classic glove. In this short article we'll take a look what has been updated on this new edition of the Original.

Let's start off with a general view. The first thing you'll notice is of course the sexy Multicam camouflage on these gloves. The pattern is very nice and has a nice greenish hue to it, among the pattern you have very stealthy"Mechanix" prints on top. These  prints seem more covert than onearlier models, which I think is a nice change! The patterned fabric is knitted(94.5 % polyester and 5.5 % spandex ) and has never failed me.

M-Pact Gloves in Multicam

The wriststraps are rubbery material and have a decent amount of velcro for adjustment.However the velcro doesn't seem to hold-on that well and I've experienced theadjustment open during skirmishes. Sizing on the gloves is the same as one arlier models and thus small fits my lady hands nicely. The best improvement on the glove is the addition of a pull-loop to make fitting the gloves easier.It's also very handy to hang the gloves from carabiners. See picture below.


Another nice thingclose to the pull loop is the ID-field on the rubbery adjuster. You can use asharpie to mark down your own ID to not mix-up the gloves with your buddy's.Moving on to the palm the material used is simulated leather, a mix of 50 %polyurethane and 50 % nylon. The simulated leather is alright, but throughexperience I've found that its pretty prone to wear and tear on Mechanixgloves, but it's understandable looking at the price point. Anyhow it offers anice and tactile grip for whatever you are doing. The color on the palm'smaterial is coyote brown which goes well with the Multicam pattern.

Inside the glove, on top of the back of your hand, you have a nice black tricot liner made of 100 % polyester. Thus, lastly remember that these gloves are NOT fire-retardant!


Mechanix Wear has done a nice practical update to the well-known and widely used Original model, featuring the long coveted Multicam pattern. If you're not looking for fire retardant gloves, I highly recommend these to finish of your Multicam addiction. You can get them almost anywhere. I bought mine from Altatac on eBay..

If you have any questions or comments, send them over to us.

- M10



Jan 26, 2020

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