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TRAINING REPORT: Project Gecko ITCQB 02 with Tactical Academy Finland

Our report from ITCBQ 02 which Project Gecko arranged in collaboration with Tactical Academy Finland very close-by to us. After enjoying 01 course this second level course was a must attend, providing further skill development in PG's CQB methodology. Starting where 01 finished, 02 took things to an advanced level in 4 man teams and entry techniques.

TRAINING REPORT: Project Gecko ITCQB with Tactical Academy Finland

Project Gecko is probably one of the most well known trainers at the moment at least in Europe. Their hybrid approach to CQB is quite different compared to traditional dynamic or only slice-based methods. After noticing that they run training quite open-mindedly to all kinds of groups we put it on our list to attend one of their trainings, and thanks to Tactical Academy Finland it became a reality sooner than we thought. This is our report from Project Gecko ITCQB 1.

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