Second Line


FIRST IMPRESSIONS: Crye Precision AirLite SPC Plate Carrier

Crye Precision AirLite Structural Plate Carrier (SPC) is one of the most sought-after load bearing solutions on the market. Practically out of stock everywhere around the world constantly we waited and hunted 6 months to put this one together. Here's our initial observations.

REVIEW: Blue Force Gear Ten-Speed Magazine Pouches

Blue Force Gear says the Ten-Speed pouches were designed to be the pouch you forget is there. In that specific role it definitely excels. I've been using Ten-Speed pouches for a few years now, in this post I share my thoughts where I think they have the best use.

REVIEW: VPT MS One Chest Rig

Now this is cool, a custom chest rig of our own design. About 10 of these exist, made by VPT in Finland. This post goes into detail why, how and what we built based on our own needs.

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