bought Oakley Flak Jackets as my first quality shades (from www.terrang.se in Stockholm). Since then I've been using them every time the sun comes out. They've been my trusted sun blockers out on town, at the lakes, on the sea, on trails and on the road. They originally came with standard smaller light grey lenses, but to be honest I always wanted the XLJ lenses. Lucky form e the Flak Jacket has interchangeable lenses. Thus recently I dished out some cash for the VR28 Black Iridium lenses to fulfil the "need". In this post I'll go over the Flak Jacket's and give my insights on the XLJ VR28 BlackIridium lenses.


The FlakJacket has nice curved shape and more of a sports or tactical look than a regular shade. They fit well around my regular size head and stay in their position. Only thing that bothers me is the nose piece. Sometimes I feel it's a little small and made more for people with sharper noses and not my nordic"potato" -nose. The arms have the Oakley Unobtanium rubber for ergonomic and steady fit.  All-in-all I'm very satisfied with how they ride on my face.

Close-Up of the Unobtanium Rubber

XLJ VR28 Black Iridium & Prizm Trail Lenses

As I mentioned, I originally purchased these with the standard dark grey lenses.After a while I started feeling like they were a little small for me because sun seemed to glare to my eyes from below and from the sides. This was another reason I started to look for the XLJ lenses. After finding a dealer nearby I chose the VR28 Black Iridium lens color because it is meant for a trail environment, which nicely suits skirmishing and visits to the range. As usual for Oakley the lenses meet ANZI  Z87.1 standards for high-mass and high-velocity impact.So your eyes are quite safe behind these shades.

After switching the standard lenses for the XLJ version the Flak Jacket is an even better performing shade. Because of the increased size of the lenses, the shades now fit my face perfectly and sun-light isn't bleeding into my peripheral vision anymore. The VR28 Black Iridium is also a great coloration which filters away more sunlight but offers a clearer picture. To be specific the VR28 Black Iridium's light transmission is 18%, and the light grey's light transmission is 39 %, so there's quite a difference.

Later on as my VR28 lenses wore out due to sea water (I guess) I changed the lenses to the new Prizm Trail -style in, which has similar light transmission characteristics as the original light grey, but with greater contrast.


I definitely recommend Oakley Flak Jackets as a nice pair of"tacticool" shades. Fit is near perfect, construction is top of the line and the selection of lens colors is unbeatable. For those who already ownFlak Jackets with the standard lenses and feel like they are small. I would definitely suggest switching to the XLJ -type. And the Prizm Trail lenses are definitely worth a try if you like better contrast for your lenses.

Any questions or comments, send them over to contact[a]mikerep.com

- M10


Jan 25, 2020

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