ne pouch I never leave out of my equipment (unless I forget) is a good old dump pouch, which I use for empty or half-empty magazines during airsoft games. It's also handy for random items you might need to pick-up from the field for reason or another.

As I have been building my new belt kit I also wanted to give a new dump pouch a try and found the Tactical Tailor Fight Light Roll Up Dump Pouch from a local gear store. I had previously opted not to purchase it because for some reason I had the idea in my mind that it doesn't have a shock-cord tightening on the mouth of the pouch, probably because none of the product pictures online seem to show that feature. To me having this tightening on the mouth of the pouch is one of the most important features of a dump pouch. Usually I have the mouth adjusted so that it requires a bit of force to insert the magazine in to the dump but that they don't fall out themselves. To me a dump pouch that doesn't retain contents during fast movement is useless.

Dump Pouch "Mouth" Adjustment

So when I found out that this dump pouch has this feature I changed my mind and picked it up.

As the pouch belongs to Tactical Tailor's Fight Light series its made of 500D Cordura and has reinforcements in places that need it the most, and also has a flame resistant lining. I prefer the full Cordura design over some other options on the market that are for example made out of mesh fabric.

Like with all TT's pouches you attach it with included Malice clips, the pouch has three rows and three columns of PALS webbing. This attachment style means the pouch mouth will hang a little higher on your belt than let's say a "CSM-style" dump pouch with belt loops, which I've previously had.

Another difference to "CSM-style" dump pouches is that this pouch doesn't have a rigid outer rim on the mouth of the pouch, which means that in certain situations it may be harder to find the mouth and insert mags into the pouch. My main concern is, this pouch might affect the speed of mag changes as hand placement might not be as precise as with others. However I suspect this is something that can be overcome with just getting used to the pouch.

No Rigid Outer Rim On The Mouth

An interesting detail is a webbing strap that has been sewed on to the outer edge of the pouches mouth, which I suspect is there so that the user can pull on it to quickly deploy the pouch to its full size after disengaging the Fastex clip that keeps the pouch rolled up.

Webbing Strap for Faster Deployment

One important key feature of any dump pouch is obviously its size. The TT Roll Up Dump Pouch should easily fit at least 6 M4 magazines so it's got more than enough space. The magazines fit so that they lay nicely on their side horizontally inside the pouch and you'll pretty much fit the same amount of mags even if they're standing vertically.

The Pouch is Highly "Packable"

All in all, I like the simplicity of the design, it's light and packs small on to the belt but provides a good space for dumping mags or whatever you might need to get out of your hands.

Feb 16, 2020

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