ut first a short manufacturer intro, to thosefew who do not know Surefire. Their story begun a few decades ago, when Dr.John Matthews from California's CalTech decided to combine his hobby ofshooting with  lasers, which was a new technology back then. Since thenSurefire has evolved into a highly respected company providing all kinds oflight sources for tactical applications. Their products are issued and used bymost MIL/LE units in US and probably in the world. Read the whole storyon Surefire's website.


I've included here the specifications forthe M600 with a KL4 LED conversion head.


65 lumens


1 hours  (followed by 2 hours of useful light)




1.125 inches


5.6 ounces (approx.)


2x 123A

To put it short the Scout Light is a tight,light and powerful weapon light built to last. The body of the light is made ofMil-Spec hard-anodized aerospace aluminum, featuring optically coated temperedwindow, O-rings and gasket seals.

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The standard click-type tailcap switch is on/offand is shrouded to protect you from negligent white light. The switch is nicelytactile and gives a nice positive click when engaged.

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Also featured is Surefire's integrated thubscrewclamp, that attaches the light to any MIL-STD-1913 (Picatinny) rail. It worksvery smoothly and no tools are required to reach a strong attachment.

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The 123A batteries are changed by unscrewing thelight's head.

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The M600 Scout Light usually comes straightfrom the package just with the tailcap on/off switch. However the person Ipurchased mine from supplied also a remote switch with it. The main differencebetween these is that the tail cap on/off switch's momentary on, will be at themercy of your finger dexterity when operating the light on and off, or tryingto just lightly touch it for momentary on. This all requires quite a skilledhand and some smart light positioning on the weapon's rail (which may requireaftermarket parts). The remote tape switch is the complete opposite, it onlyactivates the light when you're applying pressure to it, with your thumb orwhole hand depending on its mounting, and the extra wire allows you to mount itwhere you want it on the fore-end. Thus it is the smoother option in my opinionif you're looking to primarily use light in bursts, be it to disorientate youropposition or to quickly orientate yourself to the surroundings.

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I have moved to using the remote switch exactlyfor the above reasoning. First the extra wire has allowed me to position theswitch on the top rail where it is usable ambidextrously without breaking myshooting grip. Second I use the light's momentary on feature regularly to blindopposition, orientate myself and to draw attention while team mates move in thedark towards the blinded opponent. While the on/off switch is high quality toothe remote switch just works better for these purposes.



There is not much to say about performance, butthat's not a bad thing. With Surefire you just know what you're getting. It's"just a light" after all, keep it fed with fresh batteries and itwill enlighten your way and blind your opponent, when you need it. The ScoutLight will easily give you light close to 100 meters to see your target indarkness and effectively blind him. In my experience Surefires' have a moredefined beam compared to some cheap knock-offs. Surefire's quality constructionwill guarantee that it will be on your weapon and functioning even after theharshest conditions.

Lastly remember that owning a Surefirelight comes with other great benefits too, like excellent customer service. Awhile ago I was somehow able to shatter the lens on the light. I contactedSurefire about the issue and they instantly issued an RMA number for me toreturn it for repair. Once I received it back I was totally surprised, Surefirehad replaced parts of the light head, included fresh set of Surefire batteries,replaced O-rings and also replaced the old tailcap with a completely newclick-on switch! I must admit I was super impressed by their level of service,so keep in mind, that when you buy Surefire you're really buying more than justthe light.

- M10


Jan 25, 2020

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